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Character Development Meme by Kamakru Character Development Meme by Kamakru
:bulletblue: PLEASE NOTE: I can no longer favorite or comment on these, there's just too many.  o_O  


I thought it would be neat to compare your first drawing of a beloved original (personal) character with the most recent. I intend this for characters that you've created yourself, and I believe it works best if the drawings are original (i.e. no bases used, no fan-based characters, etc.), but if you wish could be used simply as an art-progress comparison, or whatever you'd like really, I don't mind!

You can see the changes that the character went though and your art too. You might be surprised just how far you've come!

:bulletgreen:  Directions and notes for filling it out
- After the "First Created" is the creation date of the char, and after "Design as of" is the current date.
- Down in the "then" and "now" section is where you put a short description of the character at those points. You can either type or hand write this part.

:bulletyellow: You don't have to ask to use this meme, and you may fill it out as many times as you like

:bulletorange: I have only 2 conditions if you use:
-please put a link back to here on your deviation (so others can find it, and it'll let me know you've used it via DA's 'mention' system)
-please leave my watermark on the lower right.

 Things you CAN do with it 
- Stack multiple memes
- Extend the boxes or even add more
- Edits such as changing the color if it works better for you that way, changing font, etc. Have fun!

Here are a few examples to give you some ideas!

Character Development - Frey by KamakruChar development - Ascira by Asciracharacter developement-Cece by celinaclrawSeze Character Development by Wyvernadaschar develop meme RAEMONDE by sadness-of-sorrow

See a bunch more! -->…
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January 19, 2010
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